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CEAD composite additive manufacturing 3d printer

Continuous fiber printing

Both glass- and carbon fibre can be used for increased mechanical properties.

Siemens CNC technology

The latest CNC system architecture is implemented under strict quality guidelines, maximizing performance and reliability.

Large format printing

Allowing volumes to 2 x 4 x 1,5 m, CFAM printer is the largest commercially available 3D printer in Europe.

Controlled print volume

A 'smart' heating cooling system based on real time information from thermal cameras is used to keep the object at the right temperature.

Engineering plastics extrusion

Virtually all thermoplastics are processible. PP, PET, ABS and even high temperature materials such as PEEK.

High speed production

Manufacture your products at incredible speeds. With an average output of 15 kg/hr the CFAM Prime is able to run 24 hours without operator interference.

Large complex shapes

Using the CFAM Prime gives the designer more design freedom compared to conventional production methods. Complexities as internal channels, complex curvature and mounting- and assembly features can be integrated into one design. Allowing volumes of 4x2x1.5m makes the CFAM Prime very beneficial for large complex products in low quantities.

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Significant cost reduction

In comparison with conventional composite production methods, the CFAM Prime reduces the number of production steps. Costly moulds are eliminated in the process and less labor costs are achieved since the process is mostly automated.

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Faster than conventional production

The reduction of process steps with the CFAM Prime in comparison with the conventional production methods results in shorter lead times for large complex products. Local production becomes profitable again and provides you with new business opportunities for low volume manufacturing.

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A solution for every industry

Building & Infrastructure

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Operator training

It doesn’t end with the delivery and installation of your CFAM Prime. We’ll train your operators for immediate and optimal use of your machine.

Involvement in application

We understand that making the switch to additive manufacturing may bring challenges. Therefore, our engineers will work with you to ensure maximum feasibility for application.

Thorough aftercare

Excellent aftercare is deliverd by CEAD to keep your machine up and running.

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