CEAD supplies a total package of 3d solutions to a variety of partners within the manufacturing industry and to Universities. Below, you can read case studies of a select number of our partners across all markets and filter them by application.


Revolutionizing windshield tool production with the Flexbot

Revolutionizing windshield tool production with the Flexbot REDU, the Lapland Education Center, provides state of the art training to young adults to create a competitive workforce. As such, REDU creates an important link between education and industry, granting companies access to the latest technologies whilst also training and providing their future workforce.


​​​Fully 3​​​D​​​​​​​ printed monocoque for CO2 neutral car ZEM​​

“In the end, we were able to print the car exactly as we designed and desired it. This was again proof that with additive manufacturing, you can create anything you want, even cars!”


Combining 3D printing and CNC milling for complex building structures

The Institute for Building Construction at the TU Dresden performs research in the domain of glass and façade construction. Focal areas are energy efficiency, structural glass design and the adhesive joining of common façade building materials.


3D printing with CEAD Robot Extruder in largest innovation centre in the Netherlands

“The CEAD Robot Extruder is a system that is very easy to integrate,” says Peter van Putten, creative technologist at SPARK Makers Zone. “It works very well as a stand alone unit, is robust and easy to control.”


Large-scale 3D printed bridge

"Fiber-reinforced polymer bridges are already well known for having a longer lifetime expectancy with lower life cycle costs compared to steel bridges. What’s new here is the use of a new 3D printing technology, enabling us to print large-scale fiber reinforced thermoplastic part." Maurice Kardas, Business Development Manager at Royal HaskoningDHV


More sustainable production with new CEAD 3D printer

"We certainly consider CEAD as a partner. As a composite-company we have less experience with thermoplastics. We discovered CEAD has done much more research on the material than us, and that is one of the reasons why we will keep working together." Michiel de Bruijcker, Director at Poly Products


3D printing molds and tooling for aviation and aerospace applications

"The CEAD printer extends our capabilities towards larger parts, higher fiber contents and a wider range of polymers. The CEAD system was delivered very quickly — from order to installation was only 6 months." Patrick Consul, LCC researcher at TUM


Collaboration: CEAD’s Additive Manufacturing and Siemens’s best in class CNC technology

Dr. Karsten Heuser, vice president Additive Manufacturing at Siemens Digital Industries: “We are delighted to show an industrial solution from CEAD for multi-axis composite printing combining Comau’s robotics, CEAD’s Additive Manufacturing and our best in class CNC technology. The end-to-end offering ...