JEC World Paris, 5th March, 2024 – CEAD, frontrunner in robotic large format 3D printing solutions, is thrilled to announce a pivotal collaboration with ADAXIS, a rapidly fast-growing robotics software company. This strategic partnership aims to strengthen the integration between their Flexbot solutions and AdaOne software, offering customers a seamless experience for large format 3D printing with composite materials.

Recognizing the increasing reliance on modern technologies, CEAD acknowledges the importance of close collaboration with software companies to elevate the performance, compatibility, and functionality of their solutions.

CEAD aims to deliver a more advanced and user-friendly total solution for their customers by joining forces with ADAXIS, a multinational team of innovators on a mission to change the way the world uses industrial robotics and enable manufacturing of more sustainable and innovative products. This collaboration has given rise to the official launch of ‘AdaOne for Flexbot’ a software integration for CEAD’s Flexbot systems.

“Cultivating shared values and a unified vision with the ADAXIS team empowers us to innovate swiftly, steering our collaborative efforts toward the entire ecosystem of large format 3D printing.’’ states Maarten Logtenberg, co-founder and CTO of CEAD.

Innovative features in AdaOne for Flexbot.

AdaOne for Flexbot introduces a range of unique features, including automatic raft generating and scan-to-mill functionalities.

Automated secure fixation for part on the print bed

The raft generator is an innovative feature that automatically creates rafts to secure parts to CEAD’s print bed, minimizing material use. This cutting-edge feature, unique to ADAXIS’ ‘AdaOne for Flexbot,’ enhances end-user convenience by ensuring parts remain securely fixated in place throughout the entire printing and post-processing cycle.

Automated generation of milling paths based on scan data of the printed part

The scan-to-mill workflow facilitates post-3D printing data collection, enabling the automatic generation of a milling path based on acquired data. Addressing the dynamic nature of 3D printing of large parts, this feature determines the optimal alignment between the CAD model and the printed part, ensuring a milling program that meets end-users’ requirements with minimal milling time and maximized remaining material thickness. Integrated into Flexbot’s automatic tool change system, scan-to-mill guarantees a seamless workflow.

Game-Changing for faster adoption of large format 3D printing

The incorporation of these innovative features in one software platform marks a game-changer for 3D printing. CEAD’s refined methodology for large format 3D printing seamlessly converges within the ‘AdaOne for Flexbot’ platform. It ensures Flexbot users a smoother, more efficient experience with increased consistency. But also, more reliability and build quality, while minimizing potential issues. This collaborative effort results in a software experience that seamlessly integrates with the Flexbot systems, elevating the overall 3D printing experience.

“Our collaboration with the CEAD team allows us to offer a seamless user experience that is instantly accessible, fully leveraging the technology, with a dedicated focus on promising applications’’ states Guénolé Bras, co-founder and CTO of ADAXIS.

Join CEAD and ADAXIS at JEC World Paris

Discover the future of large format 3D printing with composites by visiting CEAD booth 5Q58 at JEC World, Paris. Engage with experts, witness live demonstrations, and explore the innovative possibilities unlocked by AdaOne for Flexbot.

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