We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our journey at CEAD as we officially launch CEAD Group Inc. in the United States. This strategic move marks a pivotal moment in our global expansion efforts and underscores our unwavering commitment to serve the US market with advanced 3D printing technology that will revolutionize manufacturing industries. 

CEAD Group Inc.
: 400 Renaissance Center, Detroit, MI, 28243
Phone: +1 31 35 52 78 52
Email: sales@ceadgroup.com

At CEAD, we have been at the forefront of large-scale 3D printing, offering highly advanced technologies that exceed the boundaries of traditional manufacturing processes. An important part of our focus has centered around our clients’ application using our technology, revealing remarkable potential not only in well-established sectors like aerospace, automotive, maritime and architecture, but also in a multitude of emerging industries. From the onset of our endeavors we have recognized the importance of the US market in our operations. The broad spectrum of industries within the US market presents us with endless of opportunities to revolutionize and enhance various production processes.  

The official opening of our Detroit office in the USA as CEAD Group Inc., reinforces our active presence in the US market. This strategic move aligns with our commitment to enhance efficiency, convenience and client support. Strong partnerships with esteemed organizations such as the University of Maine, Haddy, Airtech Advanced Materials Group and Additive Engineering Solutions (AES) emphasize the importance of our US expansion.

The acquisitions of our solutions by these partners not only validate our venture, but also showcases the trust and support from these esteemed organizations. Our ongoing and future operations in the US underscore the importance for us to provide efficient and timely support to our valued partners.  

Our expansion into the US is driven by this core mission: to enhance our ability to support our clients. The initiative of our US partners also resonate with our own, sharing a common focus on research and development, transforming the manufacturing sector and advocating sustainability. For instance, partners like Haddy have demonstrated exceptional dedication to our technology by establishing multiple MicroFactories, locally mass-producing high-quality 3D printed furniture with a strong emphasis on sustainable and recyclable materials, with a plan to expand their operations worldwideThis pioneering approach, strongly prevalent among all our US partners, serves as a source of inspiration for the global additive manufacturing community. 

Haddy is also a great example of another significant advantage of embracing this technology, which is reintroducing local employment. This trend where skilled manual labor has become increasingly scare is observed on a global scale but also pronounced in the United States. At CEAD, our focus lies in automating the production process, accompanied by a strong commitment to in-house training for machine operators to bring back manufacturing in-house.  

The opening of CEAD Group Inc in the USA is established to enhance client support, enabling CEAD to meet their clients needs, executing pilot projects and offering local support, with greater efficiency and speed. The new Detroit office, coupled with the hiring of local talent and expertise, will serve to ease and enhance the installation and implementation of our clients turnkey Flexbot solutions in the USA. In addition to Detroit, spare parts will be distributed from multiple US locations, including Florida and Cleveland, supported by local partnerships, such as Composites Automation. As part of our future plans, CEAD will further expand in the USA with the goal of setting up a production facility to locally manufacture our 3D printing solutions. 

Our expansion into the USA underlines the commitment to our clients, partners and the industries we serve. It will further solidify our mission to shaping the future of additive manufacturing in the USA and reinforcing our position as a global leader in cutting-edge 3D printing solutions.