• Get control on the 3D Printing Process: Large-format 3D printing is an intricate dance of variables. Perfecting the steps requires insights into the heart of your machine — the extruder, the material, and the very processes at work. Unlock clarity on your machine’s performance, and refine your prints to perfection.
  • Unlock the power of your data: Whether you’re a researcher, data analyst, or software developer, if data drives your decisions, this platform is your game-changer. More than just a plug-and play data logging solution, this platform grants unparalleled access to the vast amount of data you are looking for.
  • Future-proof your data strategy: AI and data analytics are not just buzzwords — they’re shaping the future right now. Even if you don’t have an immediate need, begin collecting your process data. Stored securely, it’ll be there when you need it. Tomorrow, you’ll be grateful you started today.
CEAD's Flexbot
CEAD's flexbot extruding

Software innovations, evolving process conditions, and machine advancements are changing the game on a day to day basis. With our data logging platform, you’re not just keeping up — you’re staying ahead. This platform will allow you to seamlessly integrate the latest upgrades to your AM Flexbot, from predictive maintenance to cutting-edge scanning. What will be the next development you want to update your machine with?

Reliable manufacturing through continuous learning

The past holds the key to the future. Set optimal temperatures, perfect processing conditions, and understand nuances like extruder heat-up times. Establish baselines to detect anomalies, preempting issues and dramatically reducing the odds of a printing mishap.

Smart robots with Real-time Condition Monitoring

During printing, real-world variables come into play, potentially altering outcomes. Transform your AM Flexbot from a mere command-follower to an intelligent decision-maker, adapting in real-time. With our data logging platform, embrace the evolution from AM Flexbot to Smart AM Flexbot.

Guarantee Quality with Data-driven Insights

Is flawless quality your non-negotiable? Some process conditions elude the human eye. Monitor machine and process conditions to ensure every part matches your exacting standards. After all, it’s better to guarantee quality than to remedy defects.

Unleash the Power of Customized Analytics

Every logged parameter is at your fingertips, available for custom software development and analytics. Through our robust API, delve deep into billions of data points. We invite you to innovate, revolutionizing the realm of software and analytics.