Vacancy Customer Support Engineer

Job description:

The responsibility of the Customer Support Engineer starts when a product is delivered or installed at the customer: after the installation/delivery, you are the link between CEAD and the customer. This includes providing training, supporting customers with the provision of information, keeping relevant documentation up to date (such as a user manual), and solving problems encountered by customers.

The Customer Support Engineer works closely with the other departments within CEAD. For example, discussing maintenance documentation with production employees or requesting them to join for a maintenance visit at a customer. There is regular contact with the automation team, software team, and the product owners to discuss feedback and questions from customers. In this way, customers are helped out and the products that CEAD supplies are improved in terms of hardware and software.

Traveling to a customer is not uncommon. For example, after an installation to provide training, but also to execute preventive or corrective maintenance. Keeping close contact with our existing customers is important. This ensures we receive feedback from the delivered products, but can also lead to the sale of an extra system, upgrades, or spare part packages.

One day can look completely different from the next. Your day-to-day activities partly depend on the questions that come from customers. Flexibility, planning well, and asking for help at the right times are important skills to have.


  • Providing technical support on-site and remotely on the CEAD product portfolio;
  • Providing training on the various products on-site and remotely;
  • Planning and executing preventive and corrective maintenance at customers;
  • Creating, updating, and improving technical documentation (user manuals, maintenance manuals, etc.);
  • Creating, maintaining and improving training courses;
  • Maintaining existing customer relationships;
  • Analyzing and processing available data from delivered products with the aim of further improving our documentation and products.

Your skills:

  • Technical affinity and background (HBO+);
  • Communicative;
  • Quality and service orientation is important to you;
  • Social, proactive and flexible;
  • Proficiency in the English language in word and writing. Proficiency of more world languages is
    more than welcome!;
  • It is no issue for you to travel (ad hoc);
  • Experience with 3D printing and/or CNC milling machines;
  • Experience with CAD soware (Solidworks, Siemens NX, CATIA, etc.);
  • Experience with CAM soware is a plus (Siemens NX, Mastercam, Sprutcam, etc).
  • Experience in a similar position is more than welcome!

What do we offer?

  • Working with a motivated and engaged team; Good secondary employment conditions; Competitive salary;
  • Freedom and space for own initiative;
  • A pleasant working atmosphere in which hard work and fun are central;
  • A job within an innovative, innovative and dynamic organization.

CEAD is growing rapidly and we are looking for someone to grow with us. There are therefore sufficient career opportunities within the company, but also specifically for this position.

The organization

CEAD BV, located in Del, is a 3D printer manufacturer and develops unique technologies that make it possible to print large format composite and plastic parts. CEAD’s customers produce parts for projects in, among others, the maritime, construction, infrastructure, automotive and aviation sectors. With its technology, CEAD is unique in the world and we are focused on continuous development. On the one hand, CEAD is an organization that builds machines on a serial basis and puts them on the market, and on the other hand, CEAD is a dynamic R&D environment where improvements are made to existing technology and the development of new technology is continuously sought. A lot of research is done together with customers in order to ensure that our technology is applied effectively.

CEAD has three product groups in its portfolio: the CFAM, BEAD, AM Flexbot and the Robot Extruder. CEAD offers its print heads as technology components that can be used to build large scale 3D printers. These print heads are oen referred to as the Robot Extruder since they are regularly integrated with robotics but can also be integrated with gantry based solutions. Durch die Verwendung von Granulatmaterial anstelle von Filamenten für den 3D-Druck werden die Betriebs- und Teilekosten gesenkt. Diese Lösung umfasst alles, was für das Extrudieren von thermoplastischem Granulatmaterial benötigt wird. Including the print head, soware, electronics, material storage and material handling system.

The Robot Extruder is a technology component that a customer can buy and integrate into their own solution, for example, a robot or gantry system. The CFAM is a gantry solution for continuous or small fiber printing. The BEAD is a development resulting from the collaboration with the Italian CNC milling machine builder Belotti. CEAD develops the extruder for the BEAD where Belotti develops the gantry and the milling part. The AM Flexbot is a robot-based solution where the Robot Extruder is integrated on a Comau robotic arm together with Siemens Sinumerik 840D. Most AM Flexbot systems also have a milling option where the print head can be changed to a milling spindle. In fact, customers with a Robot Extruder buy a component for their own printer (or other development) and with an AM Flexbot or CFAM customers buy a complete solution, a 3D printer (or hybrid cell).

Are you excited?

Send your CV and motivation letter to Lucas Janssen:

When you are invited, we have a first introductory meeting. A test will be scheduled if both parties are acquainted and after positive feedback. After passing this test, a final interview will be scheduled.

For questions you can always contact us by phone (015 737 0183) or by mail ( Acquisition in response to this vacancy is not appreciated.