CEAD and EVO 3D are happy to announce that they will be partnering up.

EVO 3D is a UK-based provider of 3D printing solutions. They supply a broad range of solutions approved by their in-house team of experts and help their clients to purchase the correct printer for their specific needs. With expertise in end-to-end integration of 3D printing, they help transform your manufacturing processes. The company mission of EVO 3D is to advance the successful integration of Robot Printing. The key to a successful adoption of 3D printing is reliant on the integration of the correct printers, materials, software, employee training and technical support. Integration being the key part here and working with the world’s most advanced hardware and software technology partners.

In this newly developed partnership, EVO 3D will offer CEADs technology components as part of one of their customised pellet 3D printer packages. CEAD, pioneers in the development and supply of large scale 3D printing solutions, is based in the Netherlands. Their extensive portfolio ranges from stand alone print heads and technology components to full robot and gantry systems.

EVO 3D will start with offering a package that will consist of CEADs E25 pellet extruder integrated on a KUKA robot and offered together with CEADs 2 x 1 m print bed and pellet dryer. The E25 pellet extruder is a lightweight solution with an output of 12 kg/hr. CEAD has validated a broad range of fibre reinforced thermoplastic composites on their extruders including commodity materials such as PP, PLA and PET-G all the way up to high-performance materials, such as PEEK, PEI and PESU.

CEAD's Charléne and Andrea with the team of Evo3D at a trade fair

Interest in this robot package was clearly noticeable  at the TCT 3Sixty in Birmingham, where they showcased the robot extruder together at the booth of EVO 3D. CEAD is excited to collaborate with EVO 3D and collectively deliver additive manufacturing solutions across industries. The main target  will be the UK-market and particularly end-part applications for design and recreational purposes, such as theme parks. “We are looking forward to working together with the young and motivated team of EVO 3D who have gained exceptional knowledge in the field of additive manufacturing over the past years,” says Charléne van Wingerden, head of business development at CEAD.

“The addition of CEAD to our partnership is one we are not only very proud of but is also an essential one,” says Jake Hand, marketing director of EVO 3D. With the robot extruder of CEAD, EVO 3D is now able to offer a robot package with higher output. “We also have a keen eye on the CEAD AM Flexbot Solutions, this is something we are keen to offer in the future,” says Hand.