After not being able to attend Formnext for two years, this November we had the opportunity to finally attend the event live again. In 2019, we were still co-exhibitors on the Siemens booth. But, this year we built our own booth and had the perfect location on the fair! It was great to see everybody again and meet new people. 

In this news article we highlight  our Formnext highlights: some of our innovations presented, video’s of the fair and our experiences.

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Flexbot running the entire show

Formnext presented itself as the perfect time and location for CEAD to present our (new) solutions for large scale additive manufacturing. We had, for example, our Flexbot printing the entire show, demonstrating the speed and flexibility of this robot solution.


Additionally, we were able to highlight our partnership with Airtech Advanced Materials and the use of Siemens NX. We did so by showcasing a demonstrator autoclave tooling part, which can be seen in the following video. Interested in more information? Click for the complete press release at

Printed bar elements

We took our preparation for Formnext 2021 seriously. Almost every element at our booth was printed. MCCP sponsored the material for, among others, our bar. and the demonstrator part at the Siemens booth The process of printing this bar can be seen in the video below.

Another demonstrator printed by CEAD’s printers was found at Siemens’ booth. The panel can be seen in the photo below. View our video on YouTube to view the printing process. With the complex geometry consisting of a double curved surface the panel showed the unique fabrication capabilities of large scale additive manufacturing.

Small country, great representation

The Netherlands was well represented at Formnext 2021. It was great to have AM Flow as our neighbours, showcasing end-to-end automation. Also MX3D presented in hall 12.0, covering Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing were in the spotlights. Additionally, Flam3D & Brainport Eindhoven (AM hub) were present with a 126m2 booth in combination with multiple other Dutch parties.

We thoroughly enjoyed seeing solutions from these and other Dutch companies and look forward to meeting these parties at Formnext 2022 again.

Growing market

Based on conversations we had at Formnext in comparison with the conversations back in 2019, we clearly see that the market is really growing and the technology is maturing. The conversations were much more concrete and there were more applications  to discuss and show. Such a thrilling development in just two years!

The biggest 3D printers at Formnext

Mélanie from 3Dnatives highlighted the largest 3D printers present at Formnext. We welcomed Mélanie at our booth to show her our printing AM Flexbot. To speak with her words: it’s quite impressive! Click on the video on the right of this text to see our AM Flexbot in action.

3Dnatives was not the only party we were able to welcome at our booth. Additive Manufacturing Media also featured our AM Flexbot. Click to read more on

A great success

Due to Covid circumstances and related uncertainties we were a bit afraid whether Formnext would be well attended, but this was certainly not the case. Our first time at the Formnext was a great success.  The entire event was super well organized by Formnext, from logistical operations to the widened aisles to create enough space for exhibitor and visitors. We would like to thank everyone that participated in this great success story!