3D printing with CEAD Robot Extruder in largest innovation centre in the Netherlands

About SPARK Makers Zone

SPARK Makers Zone is an innovation centre of 1000m2 in Den Bosch, The Netherlands. Divided in 5 separate workshops, SPARK Makers Zone offers space and technology with high end machines and knowledge to their subscribers. All workshops contain different machines to experiment with, and to develop and prototype with various techniques and materials.

logo referentie CEAD Spark makers zone

The challenge

SPARK Makers Zone stands for innovative craftsmanship, which means the machines and technology available in the workshop have to stand out from the mainstream. The challenge for SPARK was to be able to create non-standardized products on a specific scale, and to print objects that are not printable with a normal 3D printer. Also, they were looking for a freedom in the use of materials such as completely recycled material.

The Robot Extruder Solution

CEAD’s Robot Extruder is now a part of the innovation centre to overcome this challenge. “The CEAD Robot Extruder is a system that is very easy to integrate,” says Peter van Putten, creative technologist at SPARK Makers Zone. “It works very well as a stand alone unit, is robust and easy to control.”

“For us, CEAD’s Robot Extruder is the perfect solution to be able to develop something in a short period of time, that we previously could only think of,” says Bas op ten Berg, one of SPARK’s first subscribers. The extruder has a maximum output of 12 kg/hr and a nozzle range from 2mm up to 12mm.


At SPARK, the makers are now able to develop products they could previously only think of. Like the 3D printed door for a Willy, a 60-year old jeep. With a high end solution like the robot extruder, SPARK makes innovative technology accessible for everyone to use in their workshops, and enables people to develop products that normal 3D printers can not.



CEAD Solution




The CEAD robot extruder offers exactly what SPARK was looking for: being able to print non-standardized products, fast, on any scale, and the possibility to print with recycled material. Not only the product, also the technical support is really satisfying. “The direct communication and short lines with the specialist make it very pleasant to work with CEAD,” concludes van Putten.

3D printer with CEAD's Robot Extruder at SPARK
SPARK Makers Zone 3d printing Robot Extruder jeep door
3D printed jeep door by SPARK