Collaboration: CEAD’s Additive Manufacturing and Siemens’s best in class CNC technology

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About Siemens’s Additive Manufacturing Experience Center

Siemens is a global technology powerhouse that has stood for engineering excellence, innovation, quality, reliability and internationality for more than 165 years. Their interactive Additive Manufacturing Experience Center (AMEC) in Erlangen, Germany, gives customers all over the world the opportunity to experience the cutting edge technology with seamlessly integrated software and automation solutions along the entire value chain for industrialized Additive Manufacturing.

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The challenge

As a global technology powerhouse, Siemens faces the challenge every day to stay ahead of the market. To overcome this challenge, the AMEC provides an overview of the industrialization of AM on the basis of our seamlessly integrated, holistic software and hardware portfolio along the entire value chain to their customers. And this is where the CEAD AM Flexbot comes into play.

The AM Flexbot solution

Siemens included a CEAD 3D printing system into its Additive Manufacturing Experience Center to show the potential of large-scale Additive Manufacturing with thermoplastic composite materials. The AM Flexbot, which includes Siemens’ Sinumerik CNC with Run MyRobot /Direct Control, a Comau robot arm and CEAD’s single-screw extruder unit. With the Comau and Sinumerik Run MyRobot /Direct Control solution, the robot kinematics are fully integrated into a CNC system. (Composites World, 2019).


The AM Flexbot with Siemens’s Sinumerik CNC with Run MyRobot /Direct Control enables the correct deposition of the material and the milling of the part to a final contour. As a result, Siemens can now demonstrate to customers the potential of 3D printing, and let them really experience the possibilities of this market leading solution.

“We are delighted to show an industrial solution from CEAD for multi-axis composite printing combining Comau’s robotics, CEAD’s Additive Manufacturing and our best in class CNC technology.” explains Dr. Karsten Heuser, vice president Additive Manufacturing at Siemens Digital Industries in an interview to Composites World. “The end-to-end offering integrated with our Digital Enterprise portfolio addresses an important need for large scale, highly flexible and economically efficient industrial applications at the same time.”




CEAD Solution:


Variety of materials



More information on the Siemens Additive Manufacturing Experience Centre (AMEC)? Visit the Siemens website and plan an (online) session.


The AM flexbot is a flexible robot based solution for large scale additive manufacturing and is ideal for custom solutions to fit a specific application. The versatile system provides lots of options which can be integrated to configure the system to specific needs.