More sustainable production with new CEAD 3D printer

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About Poly Products

Poly Products makes composite products on a very broad scale, ranging from parts for sewage treatment plants to water rapids and decoration for the Efteling (a theme park in the Netherlands). With over 50 years of experience, they construct everything with composite you can imagine, as long as it is not standardized.

The challenge

Jan Schrama, founder of Polyproducts, was facing multiple challenges that were keeping his business from developing further and keeping on top of the market. One of them being the costs of manual labor, and the disappearing craftsmanship in the industry. Also, Schrama was trying to find ways to work more sustainably: producing less waste and preferably producing with recycled material.

logo referentie CEAD Poly Products

The CFAM Prime solution

The ideal solution for the challenges was formed by our CFAM Prime. This machine is especially engineered to run production, focuses on printing speed and reliability, and lets the user experiment with variations of recycled and bio based materials as well as the more standard pellet material.  

As Poly Products was one of our first CFAM Prime clients, the installation process of the CFAM Prime was split into multiple milestones during which we’ve worked very closely together. These milestones were added to the normal installation process of assembling the machine on our own premises and performing a Factory Acceptance test before we install everything at the client. When all milestones were completed, the 3D printing solution was quickly adapted in the company by the colleagues and it integrates well with the already existing machines like the water jet cutter. 


The CFAM Prime sobers up the old-fashioned image of Poly Products, and enables the company to produce more low-cost, efficiently, and sustainably. So far, the CFAM Prime has been used successfully by Poly Products for a variety of projects:

  • Products that need renewal but of which the original drawings or blueprints are lost, based on a digital scan of the product.
  • Pumptrack parts (mobile installations cross tracks for children)
  • Art objects

With additive manufacturing, Poly Products is able to produce low numbers of product runs in a cost efficient and circular way. They are still discovering all the new possibilities the CFAM Prime brings to the company.



CEAD Solution:


Multiple bio based and recycled fibres



Would you like to see the CFAM Prime projects by Poly Products? Have a look at their website.


“We certainly consider CEAD as a partner.” says Michiel de Bruijcker, director of Poly Products. “As a composite-company we have less experience with thermoplastics. We discovered CEAD has done much more research on the material than us, and that is one of the reasons why we will keep working together.”