Large scale industrial 3D printing solutions

CEAD’s years of research and development of industrial 3D printing technology is translated into our diverse range of large scale 3D printing solutions. This range of solutions includes stand alone printheads, complete robot based solutions and gantry based solutions and services such as pilot programs.

On this page an overview of these 3D printing solutions is listed. Feel free to contact us directly to find out how CEAD can help your company transform its business activities with our technology.

Evaluate the technical and commercial feasibility of your LFAM application with a pilot project or read more about large scale 3D printing training.

CEAD offers its E25, E40 and E50 printheads, as well as its printbeds as technology components that can be used to build large 3D printers.

The Flexbot: a large scale 3D printing solution using robotic arms where multiple processes, such as printing and milling, can be combined into one cell.

BEAD Gantry based large format additive manufacturing

Hybrid and gantry based solutions for large scale 3D printing and milling. For faster, larger and/or more accurate large scale 3D printing solutions.