Gantry based solutions

For faster larger and or more accurate large scale 3D printing solutions


The BEAD is a hybrid solution, combining the finish and tolerances subtractive manufacturing offers with the sustainability of additive manufacturing into one system. This system is the result of a strategic worldwide partnership between Belotti S.P.A. and CEAD, in which the expertises of both branches are combined. The BEAD gives the best of both worlds: making it possible to 3D print the near net shape of a part and afterwards milling it to the required tolerances with a CNC milling machine.


  • Dimensions: X : 6000 to 50000 mm | Y : 2600 to 11000 mm | Z : 1500 to 5000 mm
  • Siemens Sinumerik CNC
  • Milling tool change position: 8 to 60 positions
  • Milling spindle: 15 to 30 kW
  • Milling Accuracy: 0.02 mm/m
  • Printing Extruder temperature: 400 °C
  • Printing Extruder output: 12 – 80 kg /hr

CFAM Prime

The CFAM Prime is especially engineered to run production. The machine focuses on printing speed and reliability. Ideal for efficient production of large parts or multiple parts in one production run. Complete turn key machines, ready to start printing your parts immediately. The CFAM Prime is the first 3D printer using CFAM technology. The patented printing head, which combines the continuous fibre with the melted thermoplastics, is distinctive from other continuous fibre 3D printing technologies.


  • Pellet extrusion
  • Continuous fibres
  • Virtually all thermoplastics
  • Build volume of 4m x 2m x 1.5m
  • Fully enclosed environment
  • Average output of 15 kg/hr
  • Siemens Sinumerik
CFAM Prime front view with doors open
Inside of the CFAM Prime large scale 3D Printing solution
CFAM Prime inside ceiling

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