An intense collaboration between Belotti and CEAD resulted in our second gantry based solution for industrial 3D printing. The combination of specific knowledge and expertise from both manufacturers resulted in the large-scale additive and subtractive manufacturing solution: the BEAD. The BEAD enables production processes to waste less material, requires less manual labor, provides shorter lead times and comes as an accessible investment.

The BEAD forms an all in one solution for both large scale 3D printing as well as precision milling. These features enable the BEAD to 3D print the near net shape of a part and after completion milling it to the required tolerances with a CNC milling machine. 

For users of the BEAD this ensures complete freedom of design, automation of industrial 3D printing, near net shape and the possibility to close the loop with recyclable materials for 3D printing. The combination with CNC milling provides the ability to create smooth surfaces after 3D printing as well as high accuracy and automation of processes.

Applications and industries

The BEAD industrial 3D printer is commonly used to print plugs, molds and autoclave molds and tooling, among other things. The unique specifications of the BEAD, such as flexibility and large scale printing/milling possibilities, make it especially interesting for the maritime and aerospace industries.

3D printing materials

The BEAD allows a large number of materials to be used for industrial 3D printing. Think of thermoplastic polymers as PP, ABS, ASA, PETG, PC, high performance materials like PPS, PESU, PEKK PEEK and fiber reinforced materials.

Milling specifications:

  • Tool change position: 8 to 60 positions
  • Milling spindle: 15 to 30 kW
  • Milling Accuracy: 0.02 mm/m

Printing specifications:

  • Extruder temperature: 400 °C
  • Extruder output: 12-80 kg/ hr

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