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A large scale 3D printing solution using robotic arms where multiple processes such as printing and milling can be combined into one cell

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AM Flexbot

The AM flexbot is a flexible robot based solution for large scale additive manufacturing. This versatile system provides lots of options which can be integrated to configure the system to your specific needs. This system has proven itself to be the go to system for large scale 3D printing implementations in the industry. The system is delivered and installed worldwide.

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  • CEAD Pellet Extrusion technology
  • Comau robot
  • Siemens Sinumerik 840D
  • Working table(s)
  • Safety caging
  • Pedestal for robotic arm
  • Dryer
Robot Based Solutions CEAD AM Flexbot

Modular System

The AM Flexbot is ideal for custom solutions to fit a specific application. Siemens Sinumerik is used to directly control the Comau robot arm, meaning no robot controller is needed. This enables very accurate operation of the robot, especially in terms of position accuracy while travelling along a path. The Siemens Sinumerik can control 31 axes. Therefore your AM Flexbot can be easily extended with additional functions such as a rotary table, additional robots or other production processes such as CNC milling but also other processes.

Printing and Milling

The AM Flexbot offers the unique option to combine 3D printing and milling into one automated process. For mold making and tooling applications ideal to achieve the required surface finish. For end use parts the CNC milling functionality can ensure high tolerance mounting flanges and holes.

Robot Based Solutions CEAD AM Flexbot

AM Flexbot additional options

  • CNC Milling upgrade
  • Larger robots, such as Comau NJ165 3.0
  • Heated working table
  • Larger working tables
  • Larger extruder for higher throughput up to 50 kg/hr
  • Lineair track for large work volume
  • Dynamic flow control
  • Rotary table for complex shapes
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Robot Based Solutions CEAD AM Flexbot
Robot Based Solutions CEAD AM Flexbot
Robot Based Solutions CEAD AM Flexbot

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