Large Scale 3D Printing Services

Investigate the feasibility of your project by a proof of concept or test your material properties using large scale 3D printing

Pilot Project and training

In addition to our technology components, AM Flexbot and gantry based large scale hybrid 3D printing solutions, CEAD also provides intangible 3D printing services. These services can provide valuable insight for organisations that are relatively new to industrial 3D printing. 

Pilot Project

Assess the technical and commercial feasibility of your large scale 3D printing application with CEAD. A pilot project investigates the important aspects of 3D printing, such as the design, required materials, and the printing strategy. Pilot projects are divided into three phases to minimize risk for both parties. Click to read more about CEAD’s Additive Manufacturing pilot projects.

Large scale 3D printing training

Our application and customer engineers provide new owners of our large scale 3D printing solutions with the necessary knowledge and skills to start 3D printing and milling. During these training sessions CEAD helps clients with personalized training, both in-house at our production hall, as well as on-site at your production facility. Click to read more about training.

Pilot Project: Large-scale 3D printed bridge

For this project, three companies joined forces to break new ground: CEAD, international engineering and project management consultancy Royal HaskoningDHV, and DSM: an international company focussing on developing game-changing scientific science across multiple societal areas.

Robot Extruder E25: 3D printed molds with Polypropylene 30% short glass fibers

Rapid Prototyping is an Hungarian based large-format prototype manufacturing company with over 20 years of experience in the industry. With their CNC-machine, they build molds for the yacht industry, maritime industry, custom trucks manufacturers, and other related industries.

Milling at Rapid Prototyping client of CEAD

Our large scale additive manufacturing solutions

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