Large scale 3D printing training

CEAD provides new owners of our solutions for large scale 3D printing with custom training. This trainer saves clients a lot of time getting their production started and ensures minimum down-time of the equipment. Organisations that opt for a robot extruder have the additional option for a (online) training, while the AM Flexbot training is included for all new users. 

AM Flexbot training

The AM Flexbot training aims at making customers confident at 3D printing and milling. After completion of the training, you will have a good understanding of how the machine works.  The training itself consists of three parts: an online course, an elaborated training at CEAD in Delft and an in-house training at your production facility. The stages of a training are described in the paragraphs below.

1. Online course

The first part consists of an online course concerning the AM Flexbot, which clients can complete in their own time. The video course covers various topics, such as:

  • Information on the driver: G-code.
  • An elaboration on the system behind the machine.
  • How to design for large scale additive manufacturing as opposed to smaller 3D printing machines or CNC machines.
  • Design cases that can be completed online.  
  • An introduction to Siemens NX, the software which enables CAD modeling, advanced slicing operations, bead modeling, simulations and, advanced milling operations.

2. In-house training

Once this course is completed, the client is invited to get to know the machine at our production facility. During this visit, we discuss the various buttons and functions of our AM Flexbot. This training focuses on the ‘hands-on’ aspect, clients are encouraged to use the AM Flexbot themselves. During the visit, our application and support engineers will provide an in-depth overview of the hybrid manufacturing capabilities of the AM Flexbot and Siemens NX. The content is revised multiple times during the visit, ensuring optimal retention. 

AM Flexbot

3. On-site training

After one week of working with the AM Flexbot in Delft, the training continues with the final part which takes place on-site. At the start of this training, CEAD installs the AM Flexbot in the production facility of the client. During these 2-3 days of training, the role of our engineers is more spectating than instructing. They will only intervene with 3D printing activities if they see possible improvements. This part of the training is mostly concluded in order to give the client optimal confidence in the usage of the AM Flexbot.

Schedule a large scale additive manufacturing training

While the AM Flexbot training is obligated for all new AM Flexbot users, CEAD also provides complimentary training for our robot extruders. The pricing of these training depends on the requirements listed by our clients. Are you interested in receiving more information on a large scale additive manufacturing training from CEAD? Please feel free to contact us for additional information or personalized training.

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