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Robot Extruder: stand alone pellet extruder for composite thermoplastic 3D printing

Robot Extruder

The extruder can be operated as a stand alone unit. The whole system is operated through a Siemens touch screen, which runs our specifically designed software. This software is the result of years of experience in plastics extrusion, 3D printing, and machinery development. The extruder can be used stand alone, but also has different options for integration with additional hardware such as utilizing the Profinet communication protocol.


  • Weight of extruder is < 29 kg
  • Max output of 12 kg/hr
  • Nozzle range from 2mm up to 12mm
  • High torque 20:1 planetary gearbox
  • Siemens servo motor
  • Material storage of 25 kg
Technology Components CEAD Robot Extruder

Lightweight & Easy Integration

The extruder is engineered to be lightweight for the purpose of mounting it directly on a robotic arm. With several types of robotic arms available on the market today, we are able to install the extruder on most types. Easy integration and implementation is possible on your robot ultimately enabling to control the extruder directly with your robot. Integration with a CNC milling center is also possible, or other gantry based systems for that matter.

High Production output & low costs

The extruder is able to use a wide variety of thermoplastic materials. By using pellet material instead of filaments for 3D printing, operational and part cost are reduced. Another great benefit of using pellets for 3D printing is the higher output than filament based machines. This solution includes everything needed for extruding thermoplastic pellet material. Including an extruder, software, electronics, material storage and material handling system.


Weight extruder < 29kg / 64lbs
Total height 920mm / 34”
With 230mm / 9”
Depth 340mm / 13.5”
Screw diameter 25mm / ”
Compression ratio 1:3
Mounting on robot aluminium mount
Nozzle-bracket dist. 435mm / 7.1”
Heat zones 4
Cooling zone 1 (material inlet)
Heat control Siemens PID
Cooling water cooled
Control system Siemens S7-1200
Human machine interface Siemens KTP-700
Software CEAD custom
Power Servo motor 0.75 kw
Drive system Siemens servo motor
Heating power 1,7kw
Extruder control RPM, servo motor
RPM control Internal controllable by HMI
or Externally with 0-10v or 4-20ma
or externally connected to your robot / system
Material transport Integrated
Material storage >25kg / >55lbs
Material transport max. distance 20 meter (10 meter is standard)
Material transport control system Automatic by CEAD custom software
Robot Extruder parts CEAD group

Additional component: Printbed

Stable building platform for large scale industrial 3D printing

The print bed provides a rigid, stable and easy to use building platform for large scale 3D printing. The working area of the print bed exists out of multiple aluminium bed profiles, specially designed for additive manufacturing, which guarantees a good mechanical bonding between the printed object and the bed. The print bed can be used for any thermoplastic printing material.


  • Working area of 2m x 1,2m
  • Strong mechanical bonding between printed object and bed
  • Rigid built frame
  • Perfect flat and level bed
  • Easy in use

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