High output robot pellet extruder

The E50 extruder currently has the highest output in the CEAD extruder portfolio. The maximum output in combination with large nozzle sizes enable large bead manufacturing and production or large parts. The extruder can be integrated onto a wide variety of robotic arms or CNC gantry machines. In combination with the Flexbot with large print bed area (e.g. Flexbot Industry or Flexbot Custom), it maximizes the workflow of the system.


  • Weight of extruder is 170 kg
  • Max output up to 84 kg/hr
  • Nozzle range: 4 – 24 mm
  • Siemens servo motor
  • High torque planetary gearbox
  • Base unit with Siemens PLC
  • Automated material transport with easy integration of pellet dryer
Picture of the E50 Robot Extruder CEAD
E50 Robot Extruder CEAD close up
E50 Robot Extruder CEAD

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