E50 Printing head

Are you already in possession of a robotic arm or CNC machine and would you like to start 3D printing on a large scale using composite thermoplastic materials? The high output E50 pellet extruder can be operated as a stand alone unit. The system is operated through our unique software via a Siemens touch screen.

High output large scale 3D printing

CEAD developed the E50 especially for high output large scale 3D printing. While the print head can be integrated with existing robots, the E50 also functions perfectly when attached to a gantry based solution. The nozzle connected to the pellet extruder can be multiple times larger than the nozzle for the E25. This means that the E50 is able to lay even larger layers of 3D printed material. The extruder is able to use a wide variety of thermoplastic materials. By using pellet material instead of filaments for 3D printing, operational and part cost are reduced.

Would you like to know whether a robot arm or gantry based solution in your possession is compatible with the E50? Please feel free to contact us directly for more information on the compatibility.


  • Weight of extruder is 165 kg
  • Max output of 84 kg/hr
  • Nozzle range from 8mm up to 20mm
  • Siemens servo motor 15KW
  • External dryer required 400 L
Picture of the E50 Robot Extruder CEAD
E50 Robot Extruder CEAD close up
E50 Robot Extruder CEAD

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