Have a CEAD

The comfortable armchair has been designed to provide visitors of CEAD’s booth at JEC World 2022 the possibility to have a seat and enjoy the printing process. It is not for nothing that the printing process is compared to a fireplace. People enjoy looking hypnotized at the printing performing its magic. 

Our objective was to provide our guests with the most comfortable experience possible. The result is a 3D printed comfortable armchair. 

The printing process 

The process is based on a 45 degree print strategy using our AM Flexbot. This strategy allows you to create a horizontal plane without support from below. The result of this can be seen at the armrests and the seat. This is unique to the print strategy and cannot be replicated using traditional strategies. 

The chair itself has been printed in a single contour, meaning that it is hollow on the inside. The chairs are printed in 10 hours and weigh 50 kilograms each.

The text is milled into the chair. The letters are milled in a double curved surface, which provides additional complexity. The milling program was created using Siemens NX.


The material, PIPG19%GF, has been provided by MCCP. The supplier has colored the material in CEAD blue. MCCP is able to provide the material in every possible RAL color. 

Advantage of using additive manufacturing

The main advantage of using additive manufacturing for such product cases, is that you do not have to rely on mass-production for such products. You can start production for just one model. If you have the design, you are able to print this everywhere in the world only using a large scale 3D printer.