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“In the age of technological advancements, automation and robotic 3D printing are revolutionizing the manufacturing landscape.”

But how and what does the future of automation have in store for us?

From Februari 6th to 8th , Charléne van Wingerden (CCO) will be participating at
Additive Manufacturing Strategies, as part of panel 2: automation & robotic 3D printing.

Our CCO will explore the future of automation in the additive manufacturing space together with other industry experts Henri Bernard (ADAXIS) and Francesco De Stefano (Caracol AM) and moderated by Dr. David Galati (Titan Robotics, Inc.).

The full event has an amazing lineup, so make sure not to miss it!

Drop us a message to meet at The Metropolitan Pavilion in New York, 6-8 February.

Additive Manufacturing Strategies 2024

Additive Manufacturing Strategies will be held as a primarily in-person event February 6-8, 2024 in New York City. This is the foremost 3D Printing event in the northeast, bringing together AM stakeholders from all over the world.

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