CFAM Prime

The CFAM Prime is especially engineered to run production. Central in this production process is printing speed and reliability. The CFAM Prime is a complete turn key machine, which is ready to start printing your parts immediately. Furthermore, the machine enables 24/7 production without operator interference. The integrated print bed allows for easy and quick removal of the printed object and resumption of production. This makes the machine ideal for efficient production of large parts or multiple parts in one production run. On this page you can read more on CEAD’s patented solution for large scale 3D printing.

Continuous fibre additive manufacturing

What makes the CFAM Prime unique is the addition of continuous fibres to the extruder polymers. The gantry based 3D printer is the first 3D printer to use CFAM technology. The standard granules are therefore reinforced with pre-impregnated continuous glass or carbon fibres. This provides optimal strength and stiffness of the material used for 3D printing.

CFAM Prime front view angle

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