Print bed for large scale printing

CEAD developed a print bed for the sole purpose of large scale 3D printing. The print bed consists of a rigid built frame with a flat aluminium bed. The aluminium frame ensures that the first layer of 3D printed material is pushed into the bed, creating a mechanical connection with the print bed. Because of this connection, no glue or other external products are required for a stable grip to the surface. When finished printing, the handle is used to separate the project from the print bed. The videos below show this process. 

The range of print beds consists of three different dimensions: 2m by 1m, 3m by 1m and 4m by 2m. The 4x2m print bed can be extended modularly, by connecting multiple printing beds.

Are you looking for more information concerning a print bed? Please feel free to contact our specialists for information and more.

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