The team of CEAD at Formnext in front of the Flexbot

As the dust settles on Formnext 2023, we’re excited to share the innovations and collaborations that illuminated this year’s event. Prepare to dive deep into large-scale additive manufacturing with our aftermovies overview of the highlights of Formnext 2023.

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  • Partnership highlights: An appreciation of our incredible partners and their invaluable contributions.
  • Flexbot data logging unveiled: Insight into our revolutionary platform transforming 3D printing analysis and control.
  • Launch of the CEAD revolutionary printbed: Discover our innovative printing platform, a game-changer for large-scale printing.
  • Launch of Airtech’s recycled grade thermplastic polymer.
  • ATLAM technology in the spotlight: A sneak peek at our cutting-edge developments in additive manufacturing.

Celebrating Partnerships & Innovations

Our booth at Formnext was once again a hub of collaboration and insight. A heartfelt thank you to our partners who shared their visions on large format additive manufacturing (LFAM), enlightening us on topics from biocomposite materials (UPM Formi) to AI integration (Ai Build) and robotic slicing software (Adaxis) in AM, and strategies for sustainable high-performance materials (Airtech).

A special spotlight on Airtech Advanced Materials Group for unveiling the Dalthram® T-100GF resin. This recycled grade thermoplastic polymer is reshaping large-scale 3D printing. Don’t miss out on seeing the Flexbot in action with this material in our aftermovies!

Introduction to Flexbot data logging

Formnext provided the opportunity to introduce data logging for Flexbot machines. Uncover the intricacies of large-format 3D printing with our new data logging platform. Gain in-depth insights into your machine’s performance and refine your prints to near perfection.

Data logging is ideal for researchers, data analysts, and software developers, this platform is the key to unlocking extensive data for informed decision-making. Learn from the past to perfect your future prints. Detect anomalies early and reduce the chances of printing mishaps. Explore billions of data points through our robust API, and drive innovation in the realm of software and analytics.

Revolutionizing with CEAD’s Printbed

Experience stability like never before with our patent-pending printing platform, featuring unique diversion plugs. This innovative design ensures secure, consistent printing and easy post-print part release.

Our modular aluminum plate, heated up to 120°C, is ideal for materials requiring controlled cooling. The scalable 4 x 2m building platforms offer flexibility to grow with your needs.

Spotlight on ATLAM technology

One central point at our booth was the Advanced Tape Layering Additive Manufacturing (ATLAM) printing head. For the past three years, CEAD has been developing a new technology in collaboration with GKN Aerospace. Be sure to join us at JEC World in Paris from March 5-7, 2024 to view this groundbreaking technology at our booth.

Photo of a presentation at our booth and the ATLAM print head in the front

As we reflect on Formnext 2023, we’re inspired by the endless possibilities of additive manufacturing that our partners keep demonstrating. Stay connected for more updates on all things additive manufacturing!

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